Our Story

Always Fresh Ingredients and Hand Cut Meats

A Steak N Take History and Belief:

The first Steak N Take location opened in Queens, NY in 1972. Oftentimes, you would find one of the seven siblings working at the restaurant after school or on the weekends. Each family member always took pride in maintaining a family-run and friendly atmosphere. A majority of the original recipes were created by my Parents. My father created the Steak N Take Sauce and my Mother created the Health Salad, Carrot Salad, and Bean Soup. These recipes were curated with health in mind, because eating what is good for you can only improve your health.

I always took an interest in the family business as a child growing up and continued working with my father though out the years. I have  decided to leave the Engineering field to continue the Steak N Take legacy. With the help of my family I  have founded the newest ghost kitchen experience “Steak N Take” to honor the memory of my mother and father. The Steak N Take family legacy will continue for generations to come.

Since its original creation, the family has always prided themselves in continuing to uphold the quality of using the freshest ingredients available. They are community focused and hire from the local community because they believe their business should benefit the surrounding area. Steak N Take continues to take pride in creating Good Food That’s Good For You.

The Freshest Ingredients